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Gay Porn & Marriage


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How fucking hard is it to find a decent personal gay blog? I am pretty damn good at research, but I just can’t seem to find anything substantial. Almost everything out there falls into one of two categories. There are the blogs dedicated to large scale images of two bears riding bareback or anecdotes of sexual conquest, or they are running commentaries (sometimes cut-and-paste from other websites) on gay rights and causes. Is it really all gay porn and marriage?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of both at various times, but mostly I just want to find a blog by a gay man that hooks me in like a good book. It doesn’t need to go anywhere. The best blogs are usually about nothing in particular, they’re just honest and open.

Homosexuals – please start more personal blogs! If anyone knows of a great gay blog, let me know. Share the love.

To shift gears, it was my birthday on the weekend. Steadily heading toward 30, and actually I don’t really care. I have a feeling age will work for me. Here’s hoping, anyway! 30 is supposedly gay death, but I don’t buy it. I’m already married off and talking kids with Cubby anyway.

Get blogging!

Love you all. Cub. Xo.


This is just unashamed Apple fanboyism and total geekery, but I don’t care.  The Cubhouse is on the iPad!

If you want to view my blog in an even more beautiful way than the very beauty WordPress offers, load up my URL and in Safari click ‘add to home screen’, which will add an app button on your iPad.

When you load it up, it looks like a journal, and you even have to swipe it open to view the posts.  The above image is what you’ll see when you load it up, and the image below is after you swipe the blog open.

For those of you with an iPad, I’m now making it mandatory that you read me from your iPad! 

That is all!

I love you all.
Cub. xo.


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It’s seriously poor form for me to start up this blog and then just abandon it, I know.  I was cruising through the interweb the other day, trying to find other gay blogs written by bears or cubs, and I don’t know if my web searching skills are just really rubbish, but I turned up pretty much nothing.  I did find one blogger who’d started his about five years ago, and hadn’t progressed past his first entry, so I don’t feel so bad. 

I did come across one blogger, however, that had an interesting premise to his blog – that he’s rubbish at ‘being gay’.  Obivously this is ridiculous, because we’re all brilliant at being gay for the simple reasons that we are gay, and that there is no definition of what a gay man should be.  But his blog is fucking hilarious – Thoughts from a Crap Gay Man.  Check it out, but don’t fall too in love with it.

 So anyway, the reason why I’ve not been around for a while is that I’ve been getting evaluated and I needed to smash some study in order to present myself as at least a half-competent doctor.  I remember exams and the trauma they used to bring with them.  I rejoice in not having to do them again.  For a while, at least.

In any case, I’m back.  I’m ready to write, but I’m feeling a little unfocussed.  I don’t have a story.  Though give me a bit of time and I’m sure, like Chelsea Handler, I can make something up involving a midget and Ketel One vodka.

I love you all, stay beautiful.

Cub. xo


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Is this a shameless attempt to spawn a readership of my own, or a shameless glorification of sexy, beefy, furry men?

Well both, of course.  Cubland is a great blog for when you want to see a little beef, a little hair, and very little of the written word.  Check it out if you want to get a little hot under the collar.

Enjoy, perv!